Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Dream Come True

I know, sounds cliche, but honestly, I speak from the heart when I say it is truly a dream come true to be doing the course that I want (TESL, in case you've forgotten) and one step closer to the career I have always aspired to achieve.

Okay, well, I had my ups and downs on the path to discovering what I truly wanted to do with my life. But teaching had always been at the back of my mind, patient, waiting, as I struggled and explored other options, but always knowing that I would return; I could not deny what was in my heart. I knew, deep down inside, my place was with those who had a love for teaching.


What a "touching" story!!
I have got to stop watching too many romantic comedy movies..... -_-"'

Well, back to serious business. Ahem ahem *coughs* academic blog

Why teaching? is the million dollar question often posed to me (well, if it ain't million dollars, maybe 1 ringgit?)

Many times in my life, I have acted as substitute teacher to my peers. Be it English, or Chemistry, or Additional Mathematics (now
that is head-scratchingly strange), they have approached me for help. Why do they come to me? I am not really sure.
But all these mini "teaching" sessions boosted my self-confidence, and made me feel all warm and gooey inside. Being able to help my fellow friends comprehend something that was gibberish before, felt...wonderful. The grateful looks directed my way were reward enough for something that felt far more rewarding to me.

I had great teachers in my secondary school years. But I would specifically like to thank Mrs. Lim, my English teacher in Form4 and Pn. Siti, my Chemistry teacher (you know who you are! If you ever
ever read this, my gratitude can never be truly expressed! A million thanks!) for inspiring me to take up teaching.
One thing that both had in common was their love for their career, and the subject they taught. Classes with them were always different, unique, interesting, and filled with laughter, joy and warmth. What I remember most about them both were the secret journal I shared with Mrs. Lim, that encouraged and spurred my love for writing, and the crazy "chat and
lepak" sessions with Pn. Siti.
With them, I never felt this barrier between teacher and student. We had gone beyond that of
just a teacher and her student; we were close friends.

That was what inspired me most. They had given me more than I had expected; love, care, respect and genuine concern. They were people I could count on, the shoulder I could lean on when I needed guidance or a sympathetic ear.

As they have blessed me, so I want to bless others. As they have given me their all, so do I want to give my all - to my future students. I want to be to them what
my teachers have been to me. It is the right thing to do. It feels right.

I maybe naive, but for all those reasons, it answers "Why teaching?", and why it is
my dream come true...

~The End~ :)

Computer in Education?

Computer in Education - the course that I am required to take in my 1st semester, and is solely responsible for the existence of this blog of mine here. (Yay!)

According to the course structure that we received at the beginning of the semester (and which I did not notice up until now), this course is designed "to provide students with knowledge and skills on the use of computer in education. The course content covers Microsoft applications, computer-mediated communication, the development of homepage and the use of the Internet in the teaching and learning process."

So, basically, the aim of this course is to equip us future teachers with the basic skills we would need to utilise software applications (specifically Microsoft Office) and the internet in unconventional classroom teaching; making learning more interesting and motivating students to engage in active learning.

Of course, this course does not instruct us on how to make classroom teaching more interesting, although that is one of the indirect goals. We are taught simple skills on how to use basic Microsoft applications like Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access and Frontpage, as well as the internet. How we use that knowledge in our future career is dependent on us, ourselves.

Therefore, it is my hope and desire to be an effective and well-loved teacher in the future; a teacher appreciated and remembered for teaching English in ways that intrigued and stirred curiosity. Hopefully, with the skills and techniques that I have gained from this course, I can provide my future students with just that.

Here's to hope and dreams! :)

Friday, October 31, 2008


English does not have to be a chore. Although, it is a fairly complicated language with its rules and exceptions, and unique idioms and sayings. Sometimes I thank God that my native language is English (makes learning to teach the language easier!).

But I understand that for some of us, learning English is such a chore.

Well, that's why I have a section called "Lil' Fun n Games"! It's for fun...and games! (Like, duh!)
Have a look at some interesting passages and poems in Fun with English!. I guarantee, learning English may seem worth it again!

As for fellow teachers out there, here's a website that has lots of fun and simple games we can use to teach our young students English in a fun, interesting way! Fun Games to Teach English!
(the page I have attached to starts with the game Words in Words. But please have fun exploring the other ideas for games that are available for different topics and tailored for different age groups in the home page)

Remember: English is and can be FUN!!!!!!


Well, as this is an academic blog after all, you have to have things that are...academic.

So, please feel free to look through the "Lil' Info" section (bottom of page) where I have linked to some of the websites and articles about, simply put, computer in education. (Duh!)

How do we use computers in the schools? And how will they benefit us? What are some of the advantages of using computers in teaching? Using computers in Schools tells you more.

However, the implementation or the encouragement of computer use in schools is being debated by the government, the parents and the teachers, even today. Well, what about the students themselves? What do THEY think?

And finally, undeniably, the computer provides us with access to knowledge and information we have never thought possible, through the internet. I mean, even you, reading this, is by computer use, and the internet. As parents, or teachers, we do not want to deny our children and young charges the benefits and everything that the computers and the internet has to offer. But how do we shield and protect our children from the likes of online paedophiles, pornography and online bullies and abuse? How do we keep them safe? Read up and explore this: Computers and the Internet - safe surfing?

Happy reading!

Lil' Moments in Time

Friday, October 24, 2008

Who IS Lisa??

Hey everybody!!
Here's a little intro on yours truly and why she is talking about herself here..

My name is Lisa Kwan, a 1st year student undergoing my Bachelor's Degree in Education for the Teaching of English as a Second Language (TESL) in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Bangi, Selangor.

As part of an assignment for Computer in Education, my beloved lecturer (Associate Prof. Dr. Ramlee Mustapha - who's pretty cute in many ways!) has asked us to create an academic blog (academic cos it has to do with education, see?). I think it is a pretty interesting idea.

Well, to begin, let me tell you a little bit of myself (hence, the title of my blog)..

I hail from Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. Sorry, though, I can't speak the local Negeri loghat. I am the oldest of 3 siblings, with 2 younger brothers; 1 in Form 6, the other in Form 4. Both my parents are educators, although my mother quit teaching in 1997 to "take care of us children". My father however, is still teaching after 25 years (almost half his life!). He teaches Form 6 Chemistry, and, in case you were wondering, yes, he taught me too!

I love reading and writing fictional short stories..I can't even begin to describe what it is like to read a short-story that you have painstakingly written; each word your own! I even have a couple of them published, but that's a different story...

Currently, I'm crazy over Jodi Picoult's books. She's a great story-teller. So far, I have read "My Sister's Keeper", "Vanishing Acts", "Perfect Match", "Nineteen Minutes", "The Tenth Circle", "Salem Falls" and "The Pact". Someday (not too far away a day I hope!) I intend to have her whole collection of novels in my personal library. For those of you who have not read any of her books, shame on you! I recommend reading "My Sister's Keeper" (which is being made into a movie starring Cameron Diaz, and is due to be released next year) as the 1st book. Because, after that, you will definitely, most certainly, without a doubt, join the Jodi Picoult fan club!

Hm, regarding my education background, I was in SK Taman Rasah Jaya, then moved on to SMK Bukit Mewah and finally to SMK King George V, Seremban, before being accepted (thankfully) into the National University of Malaysia!

Which brings me back to why I'm writing in this academic blog of mine. So far, life in UKM has been good. Great friends, great lecturers..and not forgetting the food (not really)!

Anyway, for this blog to be a success, I hope you guys would visit here often to check out what's new in my life as a future teacher, or teacher-in-training, read up on latest articles and educational journals, and comment on anything that crosses your mind! I don't wanna get lonesome waiting here, so I eagerly await your response!

Lisa ^^,